Better Email Obfuscation

You're probably wondering where all that spam is coming from in your inbox ever since you posted your SEO optimisation service email on the web.

Its bots! Those same things that tell Google all the information of the web, can be used to ask if you need some help in the bedroom.
However, you can do something about it.

Most people might think that yourname [at] gmail [dot] com is the best way to sort this out, but not only is it a bad practice, you're obfusticating it too much as an output for the browser. The amount of work the user has to do to initally get your address right, is acting as a filter to users as well.

So you might suggest JS? But then you're adding the requirement of Javascript to your site to run JS.

Next time you're entering an email and you want to obfusticate it away from bots without a dependancy, embed an inline element in html or character encode it away, or possibly both.

sean<span style="display:none;" >nospam</span>