Building the first NHW game

In late February of 2014, Manningham Neighbourhood Watch shared a goal of creating their first video game to myself. We explored the idea with an early design constraint being that there wouldn't be a barrier to entry. Kids of all ages could play, on any device that they had to reach the page holding the game. We also wanted to create a game that could have varying content to learn, although present it in a way that wasn't boring.

As it stands, you can view and play the game on tablets, laptops, and computers. Running smooth on even the 10 year old computers sitting in the shed.
With music composed by Nathan Antony and art by Josh Bradbury, we set out to create a game for kids between grades 3-6 without compromise.

To make this a reality, I pursued the same technology that Nickelodeon utilises to make their games (and wrote a technical article on it). This allowed myself in a matter of weeks build the game that NHW needed, all whilst committing to University.

The game is designed to be played with the least amount of input interfaces on hand. You can play the game with nothing but a mouse, or a finger. This allowed players to not require to learn how to interact with the game and how inputs react, but rather focus on the content.

With our plans for content ever growing, the game in itself reflects this, as you play, more and more content is presented and unlocked subtly whilst the game increases in difficultly. Aptly describing the development process.

You can play the game here

If you have any questions, you can reach me by email on

Technical Things: The game was developed with Haxe and Flambé which supports both Flash and HTML5 appropriate for desktop and mobile platforms. Animations were created in Adobe Flash CC and exported with Flump; a tool used for compiling animations which uses far less texture memory per frame of animation than an equivalent flipbook animation, allowing us for more expressive animations on low power devices.