The 'Lazy' Web

This time it's different!

I promise, we might have had a bad run with Dreamweaver.. and Frontpage.. and yes, originally we started with tables, often designing websites in the most painful way possible. Painful to build, maintain, design for, and especially update. The average designer would do it with a bit of moaning; but would pull through in record times.. still often missing dinner while wishing for something faster.
Although it doesn't happen enough, sometimes it just does get better.

In the days when tables and inline styles were standard, those lazy designers started pulling away and using this new thing called CSS. Wasn't shortly after when we all started noticing something great, and that just might be the case again.

Imagine bridging the gap between Photoshop and Sketch all the way to a responsive preview. Something that almost every designer would love in their arsenal, and although its something that both Photoshop and Sketch offer to a lesser extent, its almost always left behind because of the poor code generation when given context.

So here comes Adobe Reflow, Macaw and even Google's Web Designer which are all aiming to move away from spending hours positioning content. Not that it already hasn't been attempted, technology moves on - things that were once time consuming, become automated, but the barrier of quality constantly moves so we'll never be unchallenged for new things to learn.

What sparked this is a post written on Medium. Automation and tools aren't an excuse to be lazy - it simply allows you to focus and spend your time on better things.