VIM: YADR and YouCompleteMe

YADR is a highly opinionated dotfile repo aimed to just work without having to jump through hoops. While it does just that by itself, often times you might want to add things to your Vim workflow, and this is where projects like YADR interfere and breakdown.

Recently I began the venture of adding Vaxe to my YADR/Vim installation, although initally smooth, the bundled YouCompleteMe refused to recieve input and rendered the plugin useless. As demonstrated here:


Scratch Preview would lock Vim in a state where noinsertmode is persistent, and any attempt to override it would render a E523: not allowed here, as referenced by an older YouCompleteMe issue.

After investigating possible issues and conflicts, I found the source of the issue.


Which contains the root of the issue here:

autocmd WinEnter * stopinsert

This isn't at the fault of either Vaxe or YADR, both packages are great and I personally recommend both, however things can get tangled when you're not in complete control of your workflow.